31 January, 2012

Love your style

Often girls have trouble mix and matching wardrobe for an event or just a daily basis looks. And we dig in ideas that looking good means "spending more cash", which is not true. There are secrets on how to  dress well on a budget.  All that you need to have are small group of mix and match clothes to sparkle and set the trick.

First, a dazzling smile with a positive attitude makes a great first impression. And another way to stand out is knowing your own body and assemble a unique look. Search for a wardrobe that co-ordinates in color, fabric, and shape with all the pieces interchangeable. By this you can create a beautiful statement of your own look without even saying a word.

Looking good means feeling comfortable. And being sexy does not mean revealing more. Your line of clothing should match into your life and meet your personal requirements.

Limit to two principle colors when you mix and match wardrobe.

1. The one that can stands on its own or mix.

2. Match with other.

Tips to push a little notch on your wardrobe.

1. Do not duplicate your basic colors.

2. Have a selection of warm, cool, basic and light colors.

3. People will always notice your top half more than your bottom half.

4. Keep everything toned.

5. 75% of your wardrobe should be plain colors, 25% could be prints.

6. Figure out your lifestyle needs.

7. Try to use total lifestyle concept which accommodates both formal and informal wear.

8. Buy clothes that will mix and match at least 3 existing wardrobes.

9. Simple is beautiful.

                               Create your look, be versatile and feel fabulous.


  1. A smile can be your best fashion accessory! :) I should take note of this. I don't think my wardrobe is composed of 75% clothes in plain colors hahaha :)

    Mich of http://micheatandshops.com

  2. As long as you know how to work your style then everything should be just fine for you, Michelle. Keep smiling :)