31 January, 2012

Love your style

Often girls have trouble mix and matching wardrobe for an event or just a daily basis looks. And we dig in ideas that looking good means "spending more cash", which is not true. There are secrets on how to  dress well on a budget.  All that you need to have are small group of mix and match clothes to sparkle and set the trick.

First, a dazzling smile with a positive attitude makes a great first impression. And another way to stand out is knowing your own body and assemble a unique look. Search for a wardrobe that co-ordinates in color, fabric, and shape with all the pieces interchangeable. By this you can create a beautiful statement of your own look without even saying a word.

Looking good means feeling comfortable. And being sexy does not mean revealing more. Your line of clothing should match into your life and meet your personal requirements.

Limit to two principle colors when you mix and match wardrobe.

1. The one that can stands on its own or mix.

2. Match with other.

Tips to push a little notch on your wardrobe.

1. Do not duplicate your basic colors.

2. Have a selection of warm, cool, basic and light colors.

3. People will always notice your top half more than your bottom half.

4. Keep everything toned.

5. 75% of your wardrobe should be plain colors, 25% could be prints.

6. Figure out your lifestyle needs.

7. Try to use total lifestyle concept which accommodates both formal and informal wear.

8. Buy clothes that will mix and match at least 3 existing wardrobes.

9. Simple is beautiful.

                               Create your look, be versatile and feel fabulous.

26 January, 2012

Online Shopping

It felt like a decade ago from the time I started my blog. My fingers are excited to write down all of my thoughts into words. I have waved my good byes for 2011, and 2012, the year of the dragons will be full of flaming experiences.

I intended to start my first set of blog this year a little different. I have wasted many New Year's Resolution for the last 22 years of my life and it is about time to kick off and make a difference, to enhance myself, both in and out. 

Moving on, I have been crazy about online shopping lately. My antidote for boredom. I shop at least twice a week online, I go after all kinds of trends as long as I know how to work it out then all else will follow. Although, I have not provided myself the time to take photos of the items I have bought which I don't think would be necessary. 

Online shopping can be fun but like all things, it can also be a disaster. What ever I buy is an investment for myself yet we all have the same aim which is to save big on any name brands. I enjoy venturing on different online shopping site, comparing prices and quality of the product. I see to it that the product is worth the price I pay. It usually takes 7-8 business days to get it and most stores gives  free standard ground shipment depending on their minimum purchase. If for some reason I am not satisfied with my purchase, I have 30 days to return them via mail or go to their store.

Pros of online shopping:

  • 24/7 shopping
  • No pressure in shopping
  • Saves more time
  • Tracking of shipping available
  • Large online shopping site offering store comparison

Cons of online shopping:
  • Unable to touch the merchandise
  • Greater chance of fraud
  • Greater chance of getting the wrong order
  • Exposure of your credit card security

Tips to follow:

  •  Know your online merchants well.
  •  Shop through reputable third party online shopping sites.
  •  Only deal with merchants who use secure transaction system involving credit card.
  •  Always check terms and conditions.

Extend your patience when you shop because great deals are everywhere. A true Fashionista knows how to shop. Be your own first rate.


06 December, 2011

The Stars of Friendship

Often, it is said that to have a good friend is one of the highest delight in life. Indeed true, they're for keeps and never to be given away. God has had mercy on me for lenting amazing friends. For I have learned from them the value of friendship. 

Best of friends, they never go rust. Always moving forward, and saying what is true to your face. The years have gone by fast, pretty soon we will all live our dreams, nonetheless, the life God planned for us. My heart is tittered with joy knowing that you all are doing great with your life.


Life is just a bowl of Cherries!

Everything but ordinary.

The world never prepares you for everything. To be born out of reluctant does not certifies coincidence is any form. We all, in every aspect of life, are here for a purpose. A purpose that has remained a question to every mind. 

The future is slightly slanted with slopes to be tackled, yet He takes us through a breathtaking journey. Perhaps, the voice of our existence embarks from our very own experiences. The time plot is uniquely designed, few makes it, while most struggle their way but nonetheless, life is as it is. 

212 is the total number of days I have been living and breathing the aspirational life in America. Entering the first lap demanded a heavy adjustment on me, I could either make it or terminate. To terminate is out of my description, I could fail for trying but life like this is worth every battle. 

I remember the days back when I was still a student. I was driven to pursue the road of success. The month of April, year 2011 was a sheer bliss of happiness, new set of Graduates in Nursing claimed their diplomas. It was a time of our lives, celebrations were done every where but only to realize of what is ahead remained as a mystery.  I never knew before of what is now at present. 

Every single day, the bin of wasted chance increases and I, with dismay is part of that. It is a lost, but something out of ordinary is gained. I know, in some ways we all believe in something. We all go through sorts of struggle but our capacity to believe vents our faith to face everything. 

Being here expanded my view of reality, to indulge a life half way from the ground of my comforts and to accept every ventures with strength. It sounded very inspiring, but its a high climb and starting is never easy. In this world of errands, we all need someone to lean on, an escort to every occasion and most importantly, the kind you just can't get enough of. To make the anecdote short, he draws in a scheme of inspiration to my life, my love.

I know I am not lucky, I am blessed. If we continue to find the good in bad,  not long from now we will have a better hold of understanding about the truest meaning of life. 

From here on,until the next.